Personal bucket list

Edit: this post was written a while ago now of course, but I thought it interesting to leave it in company of it’s initial thoughts so I decided not to edit it (for the moment).

As I am going off to London in a little less then two months, my life is really going to start. I’m moving in with my Fiancé, will be living in another country and start my studies in “Computer Science” at King’s College. I always wanted to write this list, but I thought now was a good time to actually do it. So here is the list of things I want to do before I die. I think it’s ambitious enough to last a while and if I really manage to do it all, I can truthfully say I lived my life as I wanted to.

  1. Go parachute jumping(22.05.2010)
  2. Spend a crazy weekend in Las Vegas
  3. Manage a billion dollar company or project
  4. Bring something useful to the web (30/06/2015,
  5. Discover the world by visiting at least :
    London, Amsterdam, Berlin (Summer 2013), Paris (Spring 2011), Rome (09/2015), Madrid (01.03.2013), Moscow, Tokyo, Shanghai (06.2011), Hong Kong (06.2011), Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico city, New York (06.07.2008), Washington D.C., Montreal, Greenland.
  6. Participate in the creation of a quality video game
  7. Start a useful and successful open source project
  8. Get married (07.07.2012)
  9. Own my own house
  10. Go into space

(This list is in no particular order)

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