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Setting up a VirtualBox development instance with NAT port forwarding

I just spent another couple of hours figuring out how to effectively re-install my development instance (Ubuntu Server running in VirtualBox on my Windows host) and thought I’d write it down for personal reference and in case someone needs it :).

  1. Install VirtualBox (of course)
  2. Install Ubuntu Server
  3. Enable port forwarding from to on port 80
  4. Install guest additions
    1. sudo apt-get install dkms build-essentials
    2. mount guest additions
    3. sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
    4. cd media cdrom
    5. sudo ./
  5. Reboot
  6. You’re done ! You should now be able to access your linux guest by going to localhost on your host ๐Ÿ™‚

Now you might want to set up folder sharing and map your local www folder to /var/www, but that is easy from here I guess :).

Note: do not forget to sudo adduser “youruser” vboxsf to enabled permissions on your shared folder!

Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless problem (specifically with Samsung 900x3a)

I have had quite some problems with my Samsung 900x3a and it’s wireless adapter. For some reason, it showed up the wireless connections fine, but it wouldn’t connect to encrypted networks. Sometimes, if I tried a couple of times, it would suddenly manage to go through. However, I now have a solution which seems better (not perfect, butย  better) which was mentioned on the Ubuntu help pages : switch off and back on your wireless card !

I had tried everything from uninstalling, re-installing the proprietary driver, downloading a new version, etc. but this simple solution did it in the end…

This helps me get around the problems and everything is working now. Hope this helps someone else out that is having the same problem I was :).

Edit : I just found out another thing that was a problem for me : IPv6 ! For some reason I couldn’t figure out, my laptop would now connect to every network, except for my home wifi (BT Home Hub). By going to Network Manager -> IPv6 Settings and selecting “Ignore”, I have NO MORE WIRELESS PROBLEMS :).

Joomla permissions fix script

As I’m doing quite some Joomla development, I wrote this small script that could be used for multiple purposes. It takes 1 parameter which is the directory of your joomla installation (I restrained it within the “/var/www/” directory, as a precaution, but you can get rid of this) andย  then goes through folders and files to change their permissions. Hope it’s useful to someone :

#! /bin/bash
# This script simply fixes the permissions on a Joomla install to be perfectly $
# Need at least 1 parameter, which is the joomla root directory

if [ ${DIRECTORYPARAM:0:9} == "/var/www/" ];
if [ $DIRECTORYPARAM == "/var/www/" ];
echo "The directory CANNOT be /var/www/ itself"
find $DIRECTORYPARAM -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find $DIRECTORYPARAM -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;
echo "The directory can ONLY be in /var/www/"

First impressions on Ubuntu 11.10

Two days ago, I decided I would give Ubuntu 11.10 a try as my full-time desktop. As I was already running 11.04, I started the update process hoping it would go without a problem. Of course, I was wrong…

Luckily, I made a backup of my files and proceeded to a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10. However, to my big surprise, WIFI wasn’t working at all suddenly… It took some figuring-out, but I now have a working instance of the new OS and am pretty happy with it. Here are some of the features I like most :

  1. Thunderbird over Evolution. This is a major step in the right direction. Evolution was starting to become very slow and searching wasn’t very effective. This is the kind of change that makes my day a lot easier ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Gnome 3. I have been a major fan of the new Gnome 3 and have tried to install it multiple times under Ubuntu 11.04, without real success (there was always something wrong). Now it comes out-of-the-box, it works and all I have to do is install the “gnome-shell” for my lovely new interface to appear !
  3. Login-screen. I know this is not necessary, but it’s simply nice. For once, the Ubuntu design team have done a really good job here.
  4. The Ubuntu Software Center. It has had a major overhaul and is a lot clearer to navigate, rate, install, remove and everything else you would want to do with it.
  5. New PhpMyAdmin in official repositories. I konw this is not a direct feature of the Ubuntu team, but as a web developer, this surprised me in a good way. A new and clean user-interface to deal with, finally making the old one obsolete.

The things I don’t like :

  1. The Ubuntu Software center. I know, I also put this in “the things I like”, but that is because it does come with one MAJOR drawback : speed. For some reason the Ubuntu Software Center is starting to become very slow for me and they should pay real good attention to that (I mean, I am running on a fairly new computer that should have no problem running this at all, and it still takes a couple of seconds to load -> more then ANY other application on my computer).

I will continue to add to this list over time and hope it helps you decide if Ubuntu 11.10 might be your cup of tea ๐Ÿ™‚