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London Java Community and user groups in general

A couple of weeks back, I made my way to my first user group ever. As I had attended some more business-oriented user-groups in the past, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be the same kind of boring network-only type of event. I went there because I had some spare time and I had heard a lot about these user groups and wanted to check it out for myself, but didn’t expect much of it : I was wrong.

I was in a period where I was considering the best routes I could take to further my career development (the famous education vs experience debate) and really needed some external views to help me decide. From the organizers of the events to the actual users, everyone was completely available. I found that the value of the events depend on your own actions, daring to approach person XYZ to simply have a chat with them.

After having attended 3 events, I can surely say that I have already benefited a lot from everyone present, their advice and simply their company. I will definitely turn up to many of them in the coming years and invite all skeptics to try it out at least once rather sooner then later ! 🙂