Monthly Archives: August 2012

Working from home, taking time to think and Star Wars hover bikes

I spent half of this month in Spain and even though I had full internet available, the rhythm over there simply isn’t the same. However, that still leaves the other part of the month, so here is what I deemed interesting :

Working from home

Freakonomics had a very interesting podcast about the benefits of working from home. Not only does it reduce costs to business (no need for office space, etc.), but it also seems the average productivity goes up ! You can listen to it at :

Is there such a thing as too fast ?

A very interesting podcast on how, in a world where information is available faster and faster, it might be worth it taking your time to make the right decision. They have a very nice example of an automatic trading system that did better by increasing it’s latency. For more information, you can download it here :

I guess we’re here

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a pretty public person and that I am a fervent defender of most of today’s tracking technologies (as long as you get some benefit out of it). However, this article showed me just how far we’ve gotten and really rang the bell saying “yup, we really know everything you do, whenever you do it”. A scary, but interesting read :

Star Wars hover bikes !

If I ever get my hands on this, it will be the end of my productivity : 🙂