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OpenOffice blogging extension

Sun weblog publisher

Yesterday night (or more like, this morning…) I took about 4 hours to try and get a decent blogging software running on my Linux-Ubuntu 9.04. I tried out the default Gnome « Blog entry poster », Drivel journal editor, BloGTK and Bleezer, but none of them seemed to make the cut for the following reasons :

  • Gnome « Blog entry poster »
    This was way too simple. No possible way to format my text in a decent way and the « drag-and-drop » feature for images that I saw in their feature list, didn’t work for me.

  • Drivel journal editor
    This application didn’t support direct image uploading and the text-formatting was done directly in HTML. Don’t get me wrong, I am a web programmer and have no difficulty using it, but when I am writing an article for a blog, I don’t want to have to think about my synthax…

  • BloGTK
    This application came pretty close, but the interface was a little too counter-intuitive and everything seemed « cramped »

  • Bleezer
    This one came very close and I almost decided to stick with it, but I didn’t manage to get the auto image-posting to work. On top of that, it was « graphically challenged » application.

After all this I went to bed and tried to sleep. The problem however, is that once I start something, it eats me up inside untill I finish it. So after 30 minutes trying to sleep, I fired-up my computer again and continued searching.

This is when I found the Sun weblog publisher, which is a simple OpenOffice extension enabling me to send my blog-posts directly from within OpenOffice. The beautiful part was that, not only does this mean I get the comfort of a « real » text-editor and a full-screen application, but the image-uploading feature worked as well !

I have to say this application is everything I was looking for, finally 🙂

P.S. After installing the extension, I had to disable-restart-enable in order for it to work. Weird, but true.